Friday, September 12, 2014

Athlete Profile~Kate Kelley

Kate Kelley has been a fixture at CrossFit LifeSport for quite a while. She is friendly, fun and very strong! If you watch Kate workout, you will see determination, tenacity and sheer strength. She puts up big numbers and fast times, but she is also there cheering on everyone else at the box. 

Her major contribution to the LifeSport family, in her opinion, is "Uh, conversation? I do like to talk to everyone. (I think Todd doesn’t appreciate my conversational ability.)" While she is a talkative lady, Kate brings much more to the table than that...She has run many races (marathons, 5K's), is very involved in her community (Toledo's Warehouse District) and is a huge supporter of local/small businesses (she is a self-employed Financial Advisor).

She is a natural athlete, and looks like she's been doing CrossFit forever. "After 20 years of searching for something where I could see measurable improvements in strength and conditioning, I finally found it with CrossFit." Well, she found the perfect place to call home at LifeSport. 

Just the Facts~
Name: Kate Kelley

Birthday: December 13

Hometown: Crofton, MD

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Band: (Toss up) U2/Talking Heads/The Police

Favorite WOD: "Annie" (only one I hold a record for at CFLS)

Degree/Education/Major: B.S. in International Business and Spanish (I originally wanted to work for NSA, but was told I wouldn’t make a good employee)

Inspirational quote/favorite mantra: “You must do the things you think you cannot do.” –Eleanor Roosevelt

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

WOD- first month begins!

Reminder: for september and 1 week into october we are backing off our usual strength and skill work up front and instead doing a WOD-first regimen so try to come in and at least do the diagnostic WOD to mark your progress. We will repeat again in January and May. Strength and skill work will be planned but optional.

Rock on, CrossFitistas!

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7-12-14 001

7-12-14 027

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Athlete Profile-Doug Doherty

Doug Doherty just turned 76...and is a long-standing member of the CrossFit LifeSport family. If you haven't had the opportunity to workout with Doug, he's here at 7:30 AM 2-3 days a week.

“Susan, my late wife, and I were looking for a unique exercise program. Dave Murray had a wonderful article regarding CrossFit and his experience. We said, "that's for us!"  We interviewed Todd and signed up immediately. Along with CrossFit, we committed to the paleo lifestyle.”

Doug is a terrific example of how one should continue to take care of themselves, even in retirement. “As a 76 year old member, I hope that I inspire others to sustain an active lifestyle regardless of their age.” 

Doug is strong, and he works hard at CrossFit. But, this kind of fitness regimen is nothing new for him.   “I was recently inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame at Central Catholic High School. I played football, basketball, baseball, and track (sure beats studying) and earned 9 varsity letters.”

Just the Facts~

Name: Douglas Doherty

Birthdate: August 2

Birthplace: Toledo, Ohio

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Band: Glenn Miller (I'm 76 years old)

Favorite Wod: “Cindy”

Degree: University of Toledo, BS Industrial Engineering

Inspirational quote: My favorite quote can be found at Wildwood Metro Park on two adjoining benches. In honor of my wife Susan, who recently passed away, one bench says, "remember...wherever you go...there you are" and the other bench says, "and I will be there with you."

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

September is WOD-first month

Summer is winding down but LifeSport is gearing up our first WOD-first month. Get your old PR’s out folks, because every weekday from Sept. 1st until Oct. 3 we are going to blast-out our METCON WOD’s before skill/strength.  For some of us it will be just another month during which we continue to better ourselves. For others it will feel like a test – a grueling, daily, month-long test in all our favorite benchmarks. Can you dominate the top 3’s (men and women) in our “HALL OF GAME”? Strength/skill work will still be planned but not required. Instead, plan to come in and compete all 5 weekdays for those 5 weeks and bring your favorite wodding shoes!


3-22-14 171

3-22-14 203

3-22-14 039

12-13-13 357

Friday, August 1, 2014

Athlete Profile-Dave Murray

He's just our friend Dave  here at CrossFit LifeSport, but Dave Murray is best known as the Toledo Blade Managing Editor since 2010.

In between writing and editing and managing the paper, Dave comes in and works hard at his form, technique and strength training. "I want to stay as healthy, strong, and flexible for as long as possible. My current goal is age 80. I figure it's gravy after that." Well, if he keeps up the good work, that goal is certainly attainable!

Dave is an inspiration to his readers, as well as his fellow CrossFitters. "I've written two columns about my CrossFit experience in The Blade, and I've had many people tell me that reading about a 50-something struggling and adapting to CrossFit workouts made them think they could do it too."

When asked what he feels he contributes to LifeSport, Dave said "I think anyone who goes to CrossFit regularly helps the CrossFit community. We all have limitations, injuries, good days, and bad days and just by showing up and participating I hope I help other CrossFit athletes, especially the older ones."


Name: Dave Murray

Birthday: Dec. 20

Hometown: Haskins, Ohio

Favorite Color: blue

Favorite Band: White Stripes

Favorite WOD: Anything without burpees or wall balls

Degree/Education/Major: BA Journalism The Ohio State University

Inspirational quote/favorite mantra:   “Nothing is impossible. The word itself says 'I'm possible' “ – Audrey Hepburn