Friday, October 7, 2016

Our requirement: have the same dedication to your health as we

You don't have to be in shape for CrossFit; that's what we do!  In fact, the sooner you begin the better off you'll be-it'll give you less time to develop bad habits and therefore easier to install new,  good habits. We are very adaptable, train anyone and everyone, have a LONG referral list of successes and are very welcoming of people who share our interest in bettering themselves with fitness. 
  Let's roll!💪🏼

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Limited time offer: 50% off for new members

CrossFit LifeSport end of summer "game-changer" program. 
    New Years resolutions are rarely seen through to fruition. I've seen more fitness  success from people who began their fitness journey on a random Wednesday in September. New Years resolutions are a failed approach for people who though earnestly would like to improve their health,  lack the motivation/support to get the job done.  
   What's the job?
      To Improve the quality of your life by taking a proactive, permanent role in our health of course. 
   How best can you get this job done? 
       From what I've seen, getting some good coaching and joining a support team of like-minded individuals who will hold you accountable, push you to accomplish more and motivate you to train and make it fun works best. 
   Maybe endorphins from training are addictive. 
   Maybe people are just social. 
   Maybe it's misery loves company. 
  Maybe it's a prime example of how humanity evolved using teamwork. 
   Whatever the reason, the bottom line is our approach is extremely effective for those who are willing to leave their ego at the door stop messing around with their health and pay it the respect its due. 
    We all regret a decision or two in life; Make a decision that you'll look back on fondly months or years down the road. A decision that will make you pat yourself on the back as you think, "I was so darn smart for doing that! Go me!!" 💪🏼

  We are in the quality of life business and we want you to experience what our many longtime members know to be true.
  From now until October 1st, your first month including 3 personal trainings to get you started, is 50% off - only $75. 
    Many people easily blow that much money at a single dinner or a night at the bar. 
  If you're serious and ready to get better at everything, now there truly are no excuses. 
  let's make it happen!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Paleo grubdowns, stronger people and new faces

Monthly Paleo grubdowns are on hiatus for September as back to school month has our Paleo chef extraordinaire/high school teacher all tied up. They will begin again the first Monday of October. If you are interested in learning how to cook healthy and you are interested in a great dinner with some fun people, come on in and say "hello"!  (Members 8$, non-members 12$)   
  Congrats to Brandon on life sports first 200# snatch! 
  Also, please join me in welcoming, assisting and encouraging all our new folks!  I know you all will. We were all new once :)

Monday, May 11, 2015

May 10

Happy moms day to the bevy of great moms and soon to be moms) we get to train with at CF LifeSport and everywhere. Ya'll are perty special doing all that you do while finding time to train and take care of your fine selves! 😀